Self-Sufficiency in Style



How much income will we need?.

You need income to pay the taxes and utilities on land and house, and to buy whatever necessities you cannot provide for yourself. There are a lot of these too - everything from tea and coffee to animal feed and vet's bills.

It is a fairly obvious calculation and goes something like this... we spend about 20,000 pa (or dollars - or 30,000 whatever...) of this 3,000 (or 4,000 or 5,000...) is spent on food. We think we can produce half our food - so we save 1,500 pa.

Oh Dear! We still need 18,500 pa to live as comfortably as we do now.

Many a dream of a self-sufficient life must have floundered at this point.


You know what it costs to live now, so you knock off what you think will be the value of your expected produce.

Obviously, this will be mostly food.

Fortunately, you are making the wrong calculation.


Things are much better than they seem.

Forget any saving on food costs. In the modern world with cheap supermarket food, we don't actually spend as much on food as we used to.

Self-sufficiency by producing your own food may have benefits, but they are not really economic in the true sense of the word.

In any case, savings on food may well take some years to materialise.

The true financial savings come from different areas of the budget. 

These are much more substantial and real.

Man doth not live on bread alone and the changes a truly self-sufficient life-style will bring will smash holes in your annual expenditure.

The holes will be big enough to drive a small bank manager through.

You can take a careful look in Doing Without or take a look at the whole question of finding the Capital.

You could think of being part-time self-sufficient as described in Financial Support. This suits a lot of younger people with children.

Self-sufficiency means more changes to your life-style than you might imagine.

You will be going without a lot

... of expenditure

"Balancing the books."

to live in

 the inaccurately named Hangman's Cottage, just to the south of Misery Corner.